Case Study: Financial Distress (Father Freemason)

Case studies

Charlie, Daniel and Aidan

The RMTGB can support children whose families face hardship caused by a financial distress such as redundancy, bankruptcy or business failure.

Charlie, 12, Daniel, nine, and Aidan, seven, received support from the RMTGB when the recession took its toll on their father’s small business and it collapsed.

This distressing event had a devastating impact on the family’s finances, but the RMTGB provided maintenance allowances to ensure that these three boys do not suffer during this difficult time.

Many families that cut back their spending after such an event are often also forced to sacrifice their children’s extra-curricular activities. The support provided by the RMTGB, however, enabled the boys to continue playing their favourite sports including swimming, football and cricket.

In these cases, support is usually only needed in the short-term, until the family return to a more secure financial position.