Nautilus Lodge No.4259 Jewel Presentation

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Nautilus Lodge No.4259 Jewel Presentation

Dave Hanson, the East Area Festival Director, had the very pleasant task at the April meeting of Nautilus Lodge No.4259 that meets at the Freemasons Hall, Queen Street East in Sunderland, of presenting their Charity Steward, Ian Wardle, with his bronze pin to acknowledge that the lodge had already reached 33% of their Festival target on Friday 15th April.

Ian has done a fantastic job and has signed up 64% of the membership to the continuous giving scheme that is by far, the most successful in the East Area.

Dave was then joined by Geoff Lewis, the Sunderland Queen Street Hall Ambassador, in presenting Martin Telfer, Darren Broad, William Peel and Wayne Hardy with their Festival Jewels.

Due to other commitments Bob Jones and Mark Boyle couldn’t make the evening but the remaining 4 Nautilus Brethren gratefully received their jewels.  Dave gave an explanation to the brethren of the signification of the jewel and how important it was to support the festival.  He thanked the brethren for their fantastic support to date and hoped it would continue.  He also congratulated them for having over 64% of the membership on continuous giving that really is the easiest way to donate.

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Predict a Score – Euro 2016


Do you like football ? Are you excited for the Euro 2016 Finals

Then you need to enter of Euro 2016 predict a score competition, it’s a bit of fun over the finals to pit your wits against your friends, family and fellow Freemasons to see who can get the best score. Its only £5 per entry and you can enter as many teams as you like.


Points will be awarded for predicting the correct score and results, with bonus points for getting them both right. Final bonus points will be awarded at the end of the tournament for predicting the winner or the runner up.


Please click here to download a form.


Please send your entry form my post or email (preferred). Cheques made payable to Mr John Thompson. You can also pay by BACS (see the entry form for details)


John Thompson

90 Sandy Lane




Prize Money

£100 winner

£50 second

£25 third


Or 30% of the total entry fees, e.g the more players the bigger the prize money. All remaining money will be donated to the Durham 2021 Festival


All entries must be entered before the finals start. Good luck

Smarties Challenge




Would you please kindly support me the Festival Director in a novel and different way of raising funds for our 2021 Festival over the summer recess.


I  invite you to fill a Smarties Hexatube (see below) with 20p pieces from the small change they collect and to return it to the charity Steward when it’s full. It’s a fun way of raising a little extra for the Festival.

If Brethren take part each Hexatube holds £12.40 and if the brethren are UK tax payers this can be increased to £15.50 with gift aid.



May I suggest that your lodge purchase a supply (cost about 45p each) and hand out to those members of your lodge who wish to take part, maybe during the summer recess or over 2-3 months.


As you can see, it is a really simple idea and a fun concept which could raise a serious amount of money for the Festival. For example if just 10 members of a lodge took part and we have about 175 lodges in our Province, this would have the effect of raising a staggering £27,125  including gift aid.


FAO of The Charity Steward

A simple collective gift aid form can be completed by the Charity Steward or the Treasurer to account for the member’s donations to ensure the funds are credited to your lodge. I would suggest that you bank the proceeds and send one cheque made payable to “THE FREEMASONS GRAND CHARITY”

and send this with the completed form to The Freemasons’ Grand Charity, 60 Great Queen Street, London, WC2B 5AZ.  Please ensure your lodge name and number is clearly identified on the form this will ensure all monies will be allocated correctly.

Best of Luck

John Thompson

Festival Director


Click here for the form

Bait Fish or Fly Fishing Competition


Fishing Competition
Are you a keen angler within the Province of Durham ? Or is a family member a keen angler ? Why not enter a competition and raise funds for the RMTGB in the process.
Date: 14th May 2016
Location: Derwent Reservoir
Cost: £25 per person
Time: check in opens at 08:30 hrs lines in the water at 10:00 hrs. Weigh in at 16:00 hrs.
Prizes for heaviest bait and fly bag (8 bag limit of trout). And largest fish overall.Anglers can either bait fish or fly fish. There will be a briefing by the Northumbrian water team before fishing commences.All money raised will go to the Durham 2021 Festival in aid of the RMTGB.

Tickets to be purchased from Mark Hoynes before the event.

Mark’s phone number is 07464931329. Cash is preferred but cheques can be taken if brethren prefer.

This is for Freemasons and guests