silver lodge award

Gateshead Fell Lodge No. 4349 – Silver Presentation

Congratulations to Gateshead Fell Lodge No 4349 on achieving the Durham 2021 Festival Silver Award. Ian Turnbull had the greatest of pleasure in presenting the Silver PIN Badge to the Lodge Charity Steward Roy Young. At the festive board Ian Turnbull delivered a short talk to the assembled Brethren and Non-Masonic friends and family which was warmly welcomed.

Grand Draw 2018 – Special Meeting of PGL of Durham


At the Special meeting of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham on Friday 30th November 2018 the Assistant Provincial Grand Master / Festival Director John Thompson and the Grand Draw organiser Andrew Foster made the draw after the meeting for the cash prizes. Tickets have been sold by all Lodges in the Province, towards the Grand Draw which were sold on the understanding that the monies raised by each Lodge would be credited to the Lodge towards its target. The Cash Prizes, £7,700 in total,  were drawn at random by the Assistant Provincial Grand Master with cash prizes been split into:

1st Prize – £5,000

2nd Prizes – x2 @ £1,000

3rd Prizes – x2 @ £500

4th Prize – x5 @ £100

5th Prize – x10 @ £20

The winners are:

Prize Number Lodge who sold Lodge number
£5,000 45346 Amity 3193
£1,000 35220 Jarrow Grange 8551
£500 10775 Lodge of Progress 8259
£500 44767 St. Johns Lodge 80
£100 28753
£100 26184 Lodge of Justice 8361
£100 42108 Lodge Stewart 4261
£100 33107 Beaconsfield 7768
£100 16042 Sanctuary 8613
£20 23596 Heugh 7773
£20 2169 St. Catherine’s 5361
£20 23492 Heugh 7773
£20 35138 Gyrwy 6462
£20 14550 Marquis of Granby 124
£20 21596 Eden 8162
£20 3961 Tristram 2415
£20 12090 St. Cuthbert 3417
£20 20185 Strathmore 6229
£20 45319 Amity 3193

Special thanks must go to our individual sponsors of the Grand Draw, the Hall Ambassador for ticket distribution and collection and in particular the Lodge Charity Stewards, with who’s help the Draw would not have taken place.

The Lodge selling the most tickets also receive an additional £100 towards there Festival target – Westoe Lodge No. 4750 sold £450 worth of tickets so they will receive the extra donation.

gold lodge award

Quest Lodge No. 7102 – Gold Presentation

Festive Cheer For Quest


The Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Craig Steel and our Festival Secretary Paul Quinn had a pleasing task to perform at Quest Lodges’ Carol Service. After a rather entertaining ‘alternative nativity’ play, performed by the lodge members and their partners, Craig presented the master, Ken Sheppard with the Gold Festival Award in recognition of the Lodge reaching 100% of its Festival Target.  Craig then praised the Lodge members for their fantastic achievement before taking the opportunity to explain to the partners and visitors an outline of the Festival, its structure and all Durham Provinces achievements to date. Craig then approached Eric Brodie, the Lodge’s long standing Charity Steward, to present him with his Gold Festival pin badge.