Case Study: Disability of Parent (Father Freemason)

Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys

Daniel, Adeelah and Alisha

The RMTGB can support children whose parents are unable to work because of a disability.

Daniel, Adeelah and Alisha received support from the RMTGB after their father sustained serious burns and injuries in an accident which have since prevented him from working.

The effects of the accident led to financial difficulties for the family, but the RMTGB was there to provide maintenance allowances to ensure that the children continued to receive everything that they need.

The RMTGB also provided support for activities, such as sports lessons for Daniel and dance lessons for Alisha. By supporting such costs, the RMTGB is able to help maintain a normal childhood for its beneficiaries during times of distress. This support also enables the children to maintain and develop friendships which would otherwise be lost if they were unable to continue these activities.