Case Study: Death of Parent (Father Freemason)


William  and Phoebe

William and Phoebe

The RMTGB can support the children and grandchildren of Freemasons following the death of the child’s mother, father or legal guardian.

William’s Freemason father died at the young age of 47 following an illness. At the time, he was only two-years-old and his step-sister Phoebe was only eight.

The RMTGB provided maintenance grants to help their mother meet William and Phoebe’s day-to-day needs.

The RMTGB has also supported childcare costs to enable their mother to return to work to better provide for her young family.

Support will remain for as long as the family’s financial need remains, or until the children have completed their education. Sometimes, this can mean up to 20 years of ongoing assistance.