Case Study: Skye



Skye, the granddaughter of a Freemason, is 14 years old. She has Turner Syndrome which affects her growth  and development, as well as mild autism and Global Development Delay which makes reading and writing difficult. Skye’s parents introduced her to Judo when she was seven as a positive channel for the frustration she experiences as a result of her conditions. Since then, she has become excelled in both mainstream competitions and those for people with physical and learning disabilities.

One of Skye’s ambitions is to compete in the Special Olympics. To qualify, it was essential that she competed internationally, but her family struggled to meet the cost of travelling to overseas competitions. Through TalentAid, the RMTGB has contributed to Skye’s competition fees as well as travel and accommodation costs. Consequently, in 2012 Skye was selected for the Special Needs International GB Squad and has since achieved two gold and two silver medals in international competitions.