Case Study: Stepping Stones Grant – Motability

Stepping Stones Grant – Motability


The RMTGB supports some of the country’s most disadvantaged children and young people though its grant-making Stepping Stones scheme.

The scheme awards grants to local and national charities working to alleviate poverty and improve the lives of children who face hardship or are educationally disadvantaged.

Thomas is 11 and has cerebral palsy. He cannot walk unaided and uses a wheelchair. In 2011, the RMTGB awarded a Stepping Stones grant to Motability, a charity which helps disabled young people like Thomas to become more independent.

Thomas’s mother explains:

“Now that we have a car that takes Thomas’s electric wheelchair, I don’t know how we ever coped without one. “Our car and adaptations have had the biggest positive impact on our ability to live our lives more easily than any kind of help we have had before.”