Case Study: TalentAid (Grandfather Freemason)

Talent Aid RMTGB


The RMTGB’s TalentAid scheme can support children and young people with exceptional talents in music, sport or the performing arts who have a realistic prospect of developing their talent into a career. Those supported through TalentAid are also required to have a connection to Freemasonry through their father or grandfather and, to determine genuine need, all TalentAid grants are subject to a financial test.

Rhonwen is 16 years and a talented young canoe sprinter. Her sporting career has developed significantly since she took up the sport at the age of seven and she now regularly competes in national competitions and is hoping for a place in Team GB at the 2016 Olympics. Because her parents both have illnesses which have reduced their ability to work, the family income is insufficient to support her promising career. The RMTGB has contributed towards the cost of a new kayak to ensure that Rhonwen is able to compete at the highest levels and develop her career.