RMTGB Case study

Case Study: James

RMTGB Case study

James is 13 year old and has autistic spectrum disorder.

His parents separated when he was four years old. When James’ behaviour became increasing challenging due to his condition, his Freemason father took on full-time care of him and his younger brother at the expense of his business.  

Our support means James is able to take part in sporting activities that channel his excess energy. We have provided badminton equipment and have covered the cost of trips to sports centres. 

James’s father says: “I am eternally grateful to the RMTGB. The support has been incredible. From the first moment I spoke with the Advice and Support Team I felt a huge sense of relief and felt more confident that I could cope with the challenges. In the near future I'm looking forward to starting my own business. Once again a big thank you for all your help.”


Case Study: Jake


Jake is 21. He had always dreamed of working in film and television, but the financial pressures on his family after his parents divorced led him to believe he would never be able to pursue his dream. The situation was made worse when his mother was diagnosed with cancer, and was made redundant a few years later. Jake’s grandfather, a Freemason, put him in touch with the Trust. A week after his grandfather died, Jake was accepted as a beneficiary of the RMTGB, gained a place on his chosen course to study Screenwriting and Producing, and secured a place at Ruspini House. The Trust has contributed to Jake’s university fees, and has helped with the cost of specialist equipment for his course including a laptop and printer. Jake is comforted by the knowledge that his granddad knew Jake would be cared for by the RMTGB before he passed away.


Case Study: Skye



Skye, the granddaughter of a Freemason, is 14 years old. She has Turner Syndrome which affects her growth  and development, as well as mild autism and Global Development Delay which makes reading and writing difficult. Skye’s parents introduced her to Judo when she was seven as a positive channel for the frustration she experiences as a result of her conditions. Since then, she has become excelled in both mainstream competitions and those for people with physical and learning disabilities.

One of Skye’s ambitions is to compete in the Special Olympics. To qualify, it was essential that she competed internationally, but her family struggled to meet the cost of travelling to overseas competitions. Through TalentAid, the RMTGB has contributed to Skye’s competition fees as well as travel and accommodation costs. Consequently, in 2012 Skye was selected for the Special Needs International GB Squad and has since achieved two gold and two silver medals in international competitions.

Kate Stephanie

Case Study: Stephanie and Katie


Kate Stephanie

Scott, a Freemason, is father to Katie aged 9 and Stephanie aged 5. Scott was made redundant in 2009, and the financial hardship and desperate search to find a job exacerbated his existing depression and anxiety until it became so severe he could no longer work. When Scott’s wife had a serious back operation that made it difficult for her to continue working as a childminder, the family faced losing their home. 

We have provided a termly maintenance allowance for Katie and Stephanie, and have paid for gymnastics and swimming lessons and a laptop for them to use for school work. Scott says: “I can’t thank the Trust enough for the help and assistance. Thanks to you, we are happy, settled and the future is looking bright.”

Supporting children

Case Study: Disability of Parent (Father Freemason)

Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys

Daniel, Adeelah and Alisha

The RMTGB can support children whose parents are unable to work because of a disability.

Daniel, Adeelah and Alisha received support from the RMTGB after their father sustained serious burns and injuries in an accident which have since prevented him from working.

The effects of the accident led to financial difficulties for the family, but the RMTGB was there to provide maintenance allowances to ensure that the children continued to receive everything that they need.

The RMTGB also provided support for activities, such as sports lessons for Daniel and dance lessons for Alisha. By supporting such costs, the RMTGB is able to help maintain a normal childhood for its beneficiaries during times of distress. This support also enables the children to maintain and develop friendships which would otherwise be lost if they were unable to continue these activities.

Stepping Stones Grant – Motability

Case Study: Stepping Stones Grant – Motability

Stepping Stones Grant – Motability


The RMTGB supports some of the country’s most disadvantaged children and young people though its grant-making Stepping Stones scheme.

The scheme awards grants to local and national charities working to alleviate poverty and improve the lives of children who face hardship or are educationally disadvantaged.

Thomas is 11 and has cerebral palsy. He cannot walk unaided and uses a wheelchair. In 2011, the RMTGB awarded a Stepping Stones grant to Motability, a charity which helps disabled young people like Thomas to become more independent.

Thomas’s mother explains:

“Now that we have a car that takes Thomas’s electric wheelchair, I don’t know how we ever coped without one. “Our car and adaptations have had the biggest positive impact on our ability to live our lives more easily than any kind of help we have had before.”

Talent Aid RMTGB

Case Study: TalentAid (Grandfather Freemason)

Talent Aid RMTGB


The RMTGB’s TalentAid scheme can support children and young people with exceptional talents in music, sport or the performing arts who have a realistic prospect of developing their talent into a career. Those supported through TalentAid are also required to have a connection to Freemasonry through their father or grandfather and, to determine genuine need, all TalentAid grants are subject to a financial test.

Rhonwen is 16 years and a talented young canoe sprinter. Her sporting career has developed significantly since she took up the sport at the age of seven and she now regularly competes in national competitions and is hoping for a place in Team GB at the 2016 Olympics. Because her parents both have illnesses which have reduced their ability to work, the family income is insufficient to support her promising career. The RMTGB has contributed towards the cost of a new kayak to ensure that Rhonwen is able to compete at the highest levels and develop her career.

supporting children

Case Study: Disability of a Child (Grandfather Freemason)

RMTGB Caes study


The RMTGB can provide support to children and young pople with severe disabilities if they have a Masonic connection.

Lara is 14 years old and the granddaughter of a Freemason. She was bron with a rare genetic condition, requiring highly specialist medical care.

The RMTGB helps Lara by providing a regular maintenance allowance to fund her everyday needs.

In addition, we contribute towards the cost of Lara’s travel to attend Great Ormond Street Hospital, as well as other leading hospitals in the United States that are developing new treatments to help improve her quality of life.

Freemasons facing financial hardship following the absence of a parent

Case Study: Absence of Parent (Father Freemason)


RMTGB Caes study


The RMTGB can support the children or grandchildren of Freemasons facing financial hardship following the absence of a parent; this includes divorce or separation.

Ellie came to the attention of the RMTGB when her father left the family home. She has since received termly maintenance allowances, assistance towards music lessons, clothing grants and a travel allowance.

The RMTGB will continue to support Ellie for as long as its assistance is a needed, or until she completes full-time education.

Support is also provided for Ellie’s younger brother Louis who receives regular maintenance grants.

The RMTGB can support the children and grandchildren of Freemasons with severe disabilities if their family cannot afford to the necessary care and equipment needed to support their child.

Case Study: Disability of a Child (Grandfather Freemason)


RMTGB Caes study


The RMTGB can support the children and grandchildren of Freemasons with severe disabilities if their family cannot afford to the necessary care and equipment needed to support their child.

Ben aged 10, is one of three brothers. He has a form of cerebral palsy which affects his mobility.

The RMTGB has been able to help Ben and his family by providing equipment and adaptations to support his mobility needs, a respite holiday and a computer for him to use when completing his school work.

Ben’s grandfather has been a Freemason for over 20 years.