silver lodge award

Tees Lodge No. 509 – Silver Presentation


Silver Award Presentation

At the April 2019 meeting of Tees Lodge, Stockton-on-Tees Masonic Centre – the South Area Director for the Durham 2021 Festival Appeal had the greatest of pleasure in presenting the Worshipful Master W Bro George Temperton with the Silver Pin Badge for attaining the Silver Award thereby reaching the 66% of the Lodge target and well on their way to achieving the target figure. Mike Smithies congratulated the Lodge and it’s members for all the hard work which they have so far achieved and hoped to be returning with a member of the Provincial Executive team to present the Gold award which they are on target to reach by 2021.

The officers of the Lodge were more than happy to have the photo taken and all retired to an excellent festive board.

Annual Real Ale & Cider Festival – Chester-le-Street Masonic Centre

Annual Real Ale & Cider Festival

Chester Le Street Masonic Centre’s Annual Real Ale and Cider Festival in aid of the Durham 2021 Festival will be daily on the first weekend in July 2019 from Thursday 4th July to the Sunday 7th July 2019. Normal Licencing laws apply.

This has in previous years proved to be a very successful event for all the Lodge’s in CLS and would like to see as many visitors to CLS Masonic Centre as possible. On sale will be a number of Real Ales and Ciders for you to try.

All proceeds from the fundraising event will be donated to the Durham 2021 Festival appeal.

silver lodge award

Avalon Lodge No. 7647 – Silver Presentation

Avalon Lodge No. 7647

Silver Presentation

The Area Director for the West region Bill Hobson made the special journey to Avalon Lodge No. 7647 to Blackhill Masonic Centre, where he had the great pleasure of presenting The Silver Award and Pin Badge to the Lodge Charity Steward, D W Graham. W Bro Hobson thanked the Lodge for their tremendous efforts in attaining 66% of the Lodge target. Below is a photograph of Bill presenting the pin badge to David William Graham.

silver lodge award

Wear Valley Lodge No. 1121 – Silver Presentation

Wear Valley Lodge No. 1121

Silver Presentation

 Congratulations to Wear Valley Lodge No. 1121 on achieving the Silver Award for the Durham 2021 Festival appeal at there February 2019 meeting. The AsstProvGM and Festival Director John Thompson had the pleasure of presenting the Silver PIN Badge to the Lodge Charity Steward Malcolm Parkinson. The Festival Director thanked the Lodge for there tremendous support and wished the Lodge well in there endeavours to achieving the Gold award.

Wear Valley Lodge No. 1121 – “A Night to Remember”



TITANIC “A Night to Remember”

Wear Valley Lodge No. 1121 are to hold a “Titanic – A Night to Remember” themed night in aid of the Durham 2021 Festival appeal. Includes a 4 course meal and themed entertainment. Dress code for the event is Passenger or Crew of the Titanic 1912. The cruise liner sank between 14th & 15th April 1912. Start time is 7:30pm and carriages for 11pm. Cost of tickets is £20 each and are available from

Malcolm Parkinson Tel. No. 07710 418 612 or 01388 663 456.

platinum lodge award

Trinity Lodge No. 4751 – Platinum Presentation

Trinity Lodge No. 4751

Platinum Presentation

Trinity Lodge No. 4751, who meet in Darlington, were celebrating achieving Platinum for their Durham 2021 Festival target at the January 2019 meeting.   At the meeting Steven Wilcock presented John Arthur, the Provincial Grand Master for the Province of Durham, with a cheque for £1,700 on behalf of the Lodge members.  John advised the brethren that this takes the total amount raised to £33,765 and qualifies for the Platinum award.

John thanked the members for the warm welcome he received and the generous donation, congratulating them on their achievement.  John also paid particular thanks to the Lodge Charity Steward, Simon Atkinson, for his continued efforts.  Simon thanked the members for their continued support and also stated that the success is absolutely down to their efforts.  Over 50% of Trinity Lodge members are signed up to the continuous giving scheme making monthly payments to the Festival by direct debit.  John Thompson, Assistant Provincial Grand Master and Festival director, was also in attendance and explained all about the Festival for the benefit of the lodge’s newest member, Jeffrey Crowe, who was initiated at the meeting.

Simon was presented with the charity steward’s Platinum lapel pin by John and the Lodge also received a certificate and crystal award which John suggested they may want to display at the festive board for future meetings.

gold lodge award

Corinthian Lodge No. 5808 – Gold Presentation

Corinthian Lodge No. 5808

Gold Presentation

Many congratulations to Corinthian Lodge No. 5808 on achieving their Gold target award. The AsstProvGM John Thompson had the pleasure of presenting the Gold pin to Charity Steward Jamie Rielly and the certificate to newly installed Worshipful Master Paul Westgarth. The evening started with an excellent Installation ceremony with a blend of youth and experience, both Master Masons and Past Masters doing work within the ceremony. The Worshipful Master stated that he was very proud to be able to lead such a team of officers this year with 11 officer as Master Masons. In the 2nd Rising John Thompson, AsstProvGM & Festival Director was able to present the Charity Steward with the Gold PIN badge and the Gold Certificate in recognition of the Lodge doing events throughout the last few years. The Lodge have had member compete in the GNR, Muddy Mayhem and also a unique event Plants sale.

At the Festive board the Charity Steward was again in full flow by raising monies via the raffle and Brick in the wall cards, which also raised funds towards the Lodge achieving the Platinum status in the near future. The Lodge is looking forward to this years events with another Plant sale planned and members competing in Events throughout the year.

gold lodge award

Norman Lodge No. 1334 – Gold Presentation

Norman Lodge No. 1334

Gold Presentation

Norman Lodge was in celebratory mood during their January meeting when The Assistant Provincial Grand Master, John Paul Thompson was on hand to mark the membership’s outstanding achievement of reaching their 2021 Festival Gold Award.

The evening began, in celebratory mood when Frederick Colley was once again Installed as Master of the Lodge in well attended and highly enjoyable ceremony. Subsequently, John took the opportunity to remind those assembled of the progress that the Province as a whole continues to make towards the overall 2021 Festival target. John was also delighted to present Dave Atkinson with his the 2021 Festival Supporters Medal for his commendable achievement as part of the team that completed the 3 Peaks Challenge. John then congratulated the Worshipful Master and the members of Norman Lodge on their outstanding collective achievements in attaining their 2021 Festival target.

At a Festive Board, John stood to respond to the Toast and began by again recognising Norman Lodge’s huge achievement in raising 100% of their Festival target. He formally presented the Gold Certificate to mark the £21,465 that Norman Lodge has raised to date in just two of the three years of the festival so far. In addition, John also congratulated Norman Lodge upon having 40% of their membership supporting the 2021 Festival via direct debit, with such commitment ensuring that the Lodge shall hit their platinum target before the end of the festival. John also thanked Norman Lodge for their generous additional charitable contributions made towards the 2021 Festival, Durham Benevolence and also to the Teddies Appeal on the evening.

The attending Brethren then showed their great appreciation for the commitment that the assembled Norman Lodge members, as well as those who have supported the Lodge, have shown towards the 2021 Festival. In particular, in supporting the Province as a whole in raising over £2,000,000 towards the the Provincial target as a whole.

John also reminded those present of the wide variety of ways that individuals and Lodges as a whole can continue to support the Festival and the great friendships that can result from such activities.

Upon the closure of the Festive Board many of those in attendance remained to enjoy the company and fellowship of old and new friends. Congratulations to all of the members of Norman Lodge on their charitable endeavours which shall make a huge difference to the lives of others.

Article & Photos on Provincial website


gold lodge award

Amity Lodge No. 3193 – Gold Presentation

Amity Lodge No. 3193

Gold Presentation

The brethren of Amity Lodge No. 3193 welcomed the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Stephen William Walker, to its Annual Installation meeting on Thursday 17th January at the Wearside Masonic Temple, Burdon Road, Sunderland. It was also a special celebratory evening for the brethren of Amity Lodge, as the Lodge had reached its 2021 Festival target.

After witnessing an excellent Installation Ceremony, that saw Colin Broxson re- installed into the Chair of the Lodge for a second consecutive year, Stephen praised the members of Amity Lodge for achieving its Gold Award.  He then presented Colin with a Durham 2021 Festival Gold Pin badge in recognition of the Lodge reaching 100% of its Festival Target. Colin accepted the badge on behalf of Barrie Tudberry, the Charity Steward of the Lodge, Who unfortunately couldn’t attend the evenings meeting. It was then Colin’s turn to present Stephen with a cheque for £250 to the Durham 2021 Festival that Stephen gladly accepted; he would say more about it later.

At the festive board Stephen then had the great pleasure in presenting the Lodge with its Gold Festival Award in recognition of the Lodge reaching 100% of its Festival Target (£9.936). The target amount is based on the membership of each Lodge as stated in the 2016 year book. In the reply to his toast, Stephen praised the members of Amity Lodge for achieving its Gold Award after only 3 years. The Festival targets were set to be achievable and, at the same time, challenging; something that the brethren of Amity Lodge have embraced and excelled at. 2019 is going to be another exciting year for the festival, with lots of opportunities to have a go at something new to raise money. The new Light Blues Club was highlighted along with the greater engagement with The Royal Arch and Craft Masonry.

That brought the evening to a fitting close, amongst good company and excellent masonic fellowship.

Article & Photos on Provincial website