Durham 2021 Festival Coastal Walk 2019

Coastal Walk in aid of the Durham 2021 Festival

On Sunday 12th May 2019 the Brethren and families of the Durham Province set off for a 12 mile coastal walk from Crimdon Dene to Seaham Masonic Centre.  The Festival Director started off the walk announcing that even before the 22 walkers and 6 marshals set off they had raised £3,000 towards the Durham 2021 Festival, and he thanked each one of them for taking on this challenge, he also thanked Ivan Lowther for suggesting and organising the event. The sun was shining when the walkers set off and the heat continued to rise throughout the day, along the walk were plenty of water and chocolate bars for the walkers to boost their energy levels, also to greet them was the Provincial Grand Master John Arthur, his wife Joan and their trusty dog, who attends most of the outside Festival Events each year.

The walkers enjoyed some fabulous views along the East coastline and all was going well, however their was support from the Coastguard in case anyone got into difficulty, apart from a few blisters and quick stops these were thankfully not needed. Whilst along the route the walkers even encountered the wildlife, with a grass snake for company. The camaradiere and crac was good amongst the walkers.

The going was tough and with some uphill challenges, not in the script when it was first suggested as a Stroll up the coast line, however the walkers were not put off and carried on regardless. With the finish line in sight and Seaham Masonic Centre opening the doors for refreshment the walkers got a second wind

Congratulations to all 22 walkers making it to the end and raising up to now over £5,000 if you would like to support these walkers please click on the link “Everyday Hero”

Thank you to Seaham Masonic Centre and to the support team, whom we could not compete in these events without.