First time out for the Team

Aycliffe Lodge

Festival Director John Thompson and members of the Festival team we very pleased to receive an invitation to give a Festival Presentation at Aycliffe Lodge, This was the first time out for the team.

The Festival Director addressed the assembled Brethren to highlight not only the commitment that the PGM has given to the Royal Masonic Trust for Boys & Girls (RMTGB) but to also highlight the charity itself and the excellent work that they do.

There to support the Festival Director were left to right: Phil Grieveson Festival Communication Officer, Jonathan Carling Ferryhill Hall Ambassador, acting Worshipful Master Terry Green. Paul Quinn Festival Secretary and Mike Arnott Hall Ambassador.

The Festival Director began his presentation by explaining the role of the Charity and the myths surrounding the RMTGB and how the charity has not, for over 30 years, continued to run masonic schools, he then went on to brief the Brethren on the different methods of support given by the RMTGB, Talent Aid supporting young persons with exceptional talents and Stepping Stones the initiative to support Non –Masonic charities. The Festival Director pointed out  what he sees as our two key Festival Objectives firstly of course to raise funds but equally important to raise awareness about the Charity.

At the start of the evening in similar fashion to our Provincial meetings Gift aid envelopes were handed out to the Brethren. The Lodge Treasurer informed the Festival team that their collection would normally be an average of £30, however due to the use of GAE’s the Lodge and the RMTGB benefited with an uplift of £74.00 including gift aid, so a worthwhile exercise. John Thompson explained the benefit of using the envelopes and how the added gift aid tax makes a significant difference.

At the end of the presentation the Brethren were treated to “Maddie’s Story” a moving video of a true life Freemason benefiting from the RMTGB. The brethren warmly received the presentation and the Lodge pledged their support to the Festival cause.

If you would like a presentation at your Lodge please contact Paul Quinn for further detail