Great Glen Canoe Trail 2019


Preparation and planning are well under way for a contingent of 10 brothers, and one sister ! From the Freemasons of the Province of Durham. To navigate the Great Glen Canoe Trail in late May 2019.

The team have already completed their compulsory water safety instruction and are now busy preparing their Canadian Canoes,  kindly on loan from the Durham Scouts at Moor House Durham City.

Over what remains of the summer period a schedule of training days have been planned in order to practice the skills required to complete this arduous adventure safely.

To date we have been given a cash and vehicle sponsorship from North Spas, any other sponsorship’s would be most welcome and would be represented on our daily Blog and video updates.

Monies raised during the Great Glen Canoe trail will be donate to the Durham 2021 Festival appeal in aid of the RMTGB.

Click on the link for Promotion Video