Great North Run - Sunday 10th September 2017

Sunday the 10th September saw the annual Pilgrimage of runners and fund-raisers flock to the North East to take part in the largest half marathon in the world, it was of course time for the annual Great North Run. This fantastic spectacle is watched and participated by people from all over the world and really incapsulates the human spirit with many dressing up in outrageous fancy dress before pounding 13.1 miles of pavement all in the name of charity.

This year amongst the 57,000 participants an orange glow was visible amongst the Batmen and Robins, the Dinosaurs, Women in Wedding Dresses, Minions, Cavemen, Munchkins and even a man carrying a full size race bike…on his back!

The orange glow was coming from the Masonic Charitable Foundation running shirts worn by the 35 Durham Freemasons and family members running for that very cause. Many had just taken up running for this occasion and had worked for months preparing for this big day and it paid off big style as the group raised over £40,000 towards the 2021 Festival in Aid of the MCF.

Great North Run 2017

What an achievement, what an effort and what another fantastic show of spirit towards an extremely worthy cause. Same time next year everyone?