Heabrym Boxing Day Dip


‘Heabrym Lodge Boxing Day Dip’

Hebburn Freemasons took part in this year’s Annual ‘Boxing Day Dip’ to raise funds for the 2021 Festival, in aid of The Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys and the South Shields Volunteer Lifeguard Club.

The Hardy fundraisers from Heabrym Lodge braved the icy North Sea at South Shields along hundreds of others, in a series of charity Boxing Day Dips.

Michael Lea Junior Warden and Donnie Baxter Master were the main protagonists in the organisation of the event managing to rope in both the Lodge Secretary and Treasurer as trade off to Michael agreeing to become Junior Warden at the Lodges 2015 Installation in November.

Along with a number of friends and family for moral support the Brethren lined up at 12.20pm to do their duty, and with waves battering the shoreline they entered the Sea. The late arrival of Secretary Paul O’Doherty who had allegedly been hiding behind the Life Guard Station added to the frivolities, with those having already completed the Dip surrounding him until he dived in.

Michael stated:

“The day was cold and wet but never the less we had a tremendous turn out. The event will raise in excess of £400.00  before ‘Gift Aid’ which would not have been possible without the support of South Shield’s Volunteer Lifeguards who gave up there time to ensure the safety of all the participants, along with allowing access to the Life Guard Station for changing, and the provision of Hot Drinks after the Dip.”

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