Jewel Presentation – St. Oswalds Lodge No. 4260

St Oswalds Lodge              Duncan Maw

St. OSWALD LODGE No. 4260 Jewel Presentation

The APGM for the south area W Bro Stephen Walker JGD was on a formal visit to St Oswald Lodge when he was invited by the Charity Steward Duncan Maw if he would kindly present the Festival Jewels to those members who had qualified.

The brethren had agreed unanimously to receive the Jewels in open lodge at the second rising. Due to other commitments 2 members couldn’t make it but remaining 8 gratefully received their jewel. Stephen gave an explanation to the brethren of the signification of the jewel and how important it was to support the festival and he thanked the brethren for their fantastic support to date and hoped it would continue. He congratulated them for having over 40% of the membership on continuing giving which really is the easiest way.


He then went on to present the Charity Steward Duncan Maw with his bronze pin to acknowledge that the lodge had already projected to reach 33% of their target.


At the festive board Duncan had brethren requesting to sign up to support the festival, the lodge received another 7 continuous giving forms and two single donations committing almost another £6,000 to the festival.


A really successful night all round from the brethren of St Oswald lodge an example to us all.