Jewel Qualification


Get the Festival Jewel for a commitment of £480 before the end of the Durham 2021 Festival in early 2021 or if you raise the amount of £480 via a sponsored event.

The Province wishes to acknowledge the generosity of its Brethren by issuing a free Festival Jewel to all qualifying Brethren.

The Province fully understands that it may not be within every Brother's means to qualify for a Jewel but does appreciates all donations made.

All Brethren are encouraged to become a Festival Steward by donating a minimum of £480 (Excluding Gift Aid) towards the 2021 Festival Appeal. Once donating or promising to donate by regular direct debit the sum of £480 to the end of the Festival in early 2021 those qualifying will receive a Festival Jewel free of charge to their registered home address held within the Provincial Adelphi system.

All donations made during the recent continuous giving scheme is credited to the individual and their respective lodge and therefore counts towards Jewel qualification.

Jewel Designer, Jamie Campbell, Tees Lodge

"To be asked to design the Festival Jewel for the Durham 2021 festival is a great honour indeed. The RMTGB being such a family focussed charity, it seems especially poignant as my grandfather (J P Campbell, The Haven of Rest Lodge No.4350, and Benevolence 6457) was involved in the Province's 181st festival for the Royal Masonic Institution for Girls."

"The jewel design pays homage to Bartholomew Ruspini, the founder of the Royal Masonic School for Girls (a charity which over the years developed into the RMTGB) who was initiated in 1762.. The jewel features Acanthus leaves, which typically illustrate an admiration of the arts, but more importantly denotes a link to Ruspini's mother lodge — Burning Bush Lodge. Set upon these leaves are the Doves carrying olive branches, symbolising innocence, perfect for representing girls and boys."

How can I commit to the Jewel qualification amount?

Regular Donation

Single Donation

Make a Donation online

The jewel will be issued to the member at the outset. Thus, by pledging to give £480 you would receive a jewel upon receipt of your application.

The Jewel will be given in person in you sign up at a festival presentation evening or it will be distributed by post or by hand as soon as confirmation has been given from the charity ( this can take up to 8 weeks).

Have you already qualified for a Jewel

Any Brother who feels he has qualified and has not after a reasonable period received a letter of notification from the Festival Secretary he should inform his Lodge Charity Steward who will contact the Festival Secretary for clarification. Please bear in mind that the Festival Secretary only receives notification from the relief chest on a monthly basis.

Due to data protection and the privacy of personal donations this figure can only be obtained via email or telephone to the following:

Mike Cockerton – Festival Treasurer   07876336208
Paul Quinn – Festival Secretary  07946419224

On receipt of a request your donations will be calculated and a response will be sent indicating your donation history along with Jewel qualification information

Please note your Charity Steward does not have access to personal donations.

When can I wear the Jewel?

The Festival Jewel can be worn throughout the period of the Festival, from the launch in January 2016 until the Festival Banquet in 2021 (date to be confirmed).

It is the PGM’s hope that the majority of the brethren within our Province will make the necessary commitment and wear the Jewel with pride, the PGM has decreed that the Jewel can be worn in the Royal Arch Chapter Convocations.

This Jewel will be free of charge to all those who fulfill the criteria above

Do you wish to give more?

If you wish to give more then why not become a Patron of the RMTGB, anything you give towards this patronage will be credited to your lodge.

Patronage of the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys

Please note that the Trust has its own honorific levels of patronage as Vice-Patron (£300) Patron (£600) or Grand Patron (£1200) of the RMTGB and those so qualifying for the RMTGB's honorifics will receive notification direct from the Trust. Please note the qualifying donations for RMTGB patronage may have accumulated over a number of years, prior to the launch of our Festival. Please note also that RMTGB does not issue jewels or bars for their honorifics and that Patronage of the RMTGB is entirely separate from our Festival Honorifics, though by donating to the Festival, Brethren may of course also qualify for patronage of the Trust.