Johnstonian Lodge No. 9301 – Gold Presentation

Johnstonian Lodge’s June 2019 meeting saw The Deputy Provincial Grand Master, Stephen William Walker lead an Area Team Visit to mark the membership’s outstanding achievement of reaching their Durham 2021 Festival Gold Award.


After Stephen was warmly welcomed in to the Lodge Room by John Dodson, as Worshipful Master, the main work of the evening began by Raising Bro Trevor Goodwin of The Spirit of Rugby Lodge 9910. After a faultless, and most enjoyable ceremony, Trevor took his seat with those assembled in the Lodge including members of the ‘Durham Light Blues Club’ (DLBC) who were also lending their support on the evening.


Stephen then took the opportunity to congratulate the members of Johnstonian Lodge upon their outstanding collective achievements in attaining their Gold Durham 2021 Festival target, with eighteen months of the Durham 2021 Festival still remaining. On behalf of the Provincial Grand Master, John Arthur, Stephen reminded those assembled of the exceptional progress that the Province as a whole continues to make towards the overall Durham 2021 Festival target and thanked those assembled for their continued support.


After the formalities in the Lodge Room came to an end, the Festive Board saw Stephen stand respond to the Toast and again recognise Johnstonian Lodge’s huge achievement in raising 100% of their Durham 2021 Festival target. He formally presented the Gold Certificate to John and expressed his thanks for a further two generous cheques that were presented on the evening, again in support of the Durham 2021 Festival. Stephen also pointed out that as a former Durham Johnston student himself he was particularly delighted to be able to share in the evening’s celebrations.


Stephen went on to thank the Deputation who had accompanied him for their support and also asked the members of the visiting DLBC, including their Chair, Matthew Pearce, to rise in order for those assembled to express their appreciation of their attendance. Stephen explained that the DLBC is a new group set up to enhance the feeling of brotherhood, camaraderie and fun both inside and outside the Lodge Room. It is is open to all Masons who hold a rank between an Entered Apprentice, to a current or Past Master who has not yet received Provincial rank.


Stephen then reminded those present of the wide variety of ways that individuals and Lodges as a whole can continue to support the Festival and the great friendships that can result from such activities in particular, as well as the Craft in general.


Upon the closure of the Festive Board many of those in attendance remained to enjoy the company and fellowship of old and new friends. Congratulations to all of the members of Johnstonian Lodge on their charitable endeavours which continue to make a huge difference to the lives of others.

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