Lodge Award – Surtees Lodge No. 4593

Surtees Lodge No. 4593

Gold Award

gold lodge award

gold lodge award

The date was Thursday 27th September 2017, the night the Brethren of the Surtees met at the Masonic Hall Shildon and received their Gold Award for the Durham 2021 Festival.

The Deputy Provincial Grand Master John Arthur was shocked and surprised when he was presented with a cheque of £12,340 for the Masonic Charitable Foundation which takes the Lodge from Bronze to Gold. The Lodge has now contributed £31,104 towards the Durham 2021 Festival

John Thompson, Festival Director then stood up and congratulated the Brethren of Surtees for the cheque before formally presented the Lodge with its Gold Pin Badge in recognition of the fact that they had now achieved their Festival target and acknowledged this as being an outstanding achievement.

This was followed by the presentation of a commemorative plaque, which was to be displayed at Lodge meetings. John was delighted to acknowledge the progress made on achieving progress to the Festival Target and stated that this was currently running at receipts of £10,000 per week.

John Thompson then presented Dale Kelly, Surtees Lodge Charity Steward with the Gold Lapel Pin. Dale then gave a short speech thanking not only Surtees Lodge members but members of all Shildon lodges for their great effort they have made, which received an excellent round of applause from the whole room.


A Great evening enjoyed by all.