Lodge of Freedom No. 4027 – Gold Presentation

On Wednesday 1st May 2019 saw the Lodge of Freedom open its doors to welcome members and guests to its meeting in this the 99th year since its founding with all looking forward to the Centenary celebrations in 2020.

On this occasion it welcomed Deputy Provincial Grand Master Stephen William Walker accompanied by his Director of Ceremonies, D.J.Turnbull to make presentation of their award to recognise the Lodge’s achievement of reaching its Gold target of £16,848. This had been achieved by a good number of the members contributing under the Continuous Giving scheme with other members taking part in the fundraising events e g. The Three Peaks Challenge, the Coast to Coast Cycle ride etc. and various donations.

The Lodge was opened and a presentation was given by the Lodge Charity Steward , Steve Guest, entitled , “ Masonic Charity”, which outlined the many ways in which support is provided for families, children, Institutions etc. through the Masonic Charity Foundation. Support is provided for family care, medical needs for treatment not always available within our NHS, Daily living grants, Support for children in full time education, Respite Care, and breaks for Carers etc.

Working in the Province to raise £2.7 million the members have already donated over £2m with the sum of £10,000 being regularly donated every week. Many events are now being organised e.g. the Roman Wall Walk, skiing, canoeing and there is great optimism that Lodges will exceed their given target and go on to achieve their Platinum award.

At the conclusion of this very informative talk Stephen presented the Lodge Charity Steward, Steve Guest, with the Gold pin badge and offered congratulations on this achievement, which has been achieved 2 years before the target date.

The Lodge closed with members and guests retired to enjoy an excellent dinner and companionship at the festive board.

Whilst  responding to the Provincial Toast Stephen further acknowledged this great achievement by the Lodge and thanked all for a further donation of £250 . He went on to inform the brethren that John Arthur , the Provincial Grand Master , intended, wherever possible, to attend all Lodges achieving the Platinum target and make the presentation personally.

The Festive Board was then closed with many brethren remaining to chat to friends and renew acquaintances.

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