My account

If you are unfamiliar with this creating an account or bidding on an online auction please see the guidelines below.


Auction guidelines

  • To place a bid you must be logged in.
  • If you haven't yet registered simply follow the steps on screen.
  • The username you select will be displayed on screen beside any of your bids.
  • After registration you will receive an email with your password so you can login in the future.


  • The Auction uses 'proxy' bids so you can submit a maximum bid and the auction will continue bidding on your behalf up to your maximum bid.
  • If you bid on an item or 'watch' a item, you will receive notifications by email to let you know the bidding history.
  • When the auction finishes you only pay the ammount the auction reaches and not your maximum bid.

Durham 2021 Grand Auction

Allocation of funds

  • All winning bidders will be contacted by email on completion of the auction in early December to arrange payment either by BACS or by Cheque.
  • All money raised from auction items will be credited towards lodge targets.
  • Any money raised from an auction lot, will be credited equally to the lodges nominated by the person who won the lot and the person who donated it.