Nautilus Lodge No.4259 Jewel Presentation

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Nautilus Lodge No.4259 Jewel Presentation

Dave Hanson, the East Area Festival Director, had the very pleasant task at the April meeting of Nautilus Lodge No.4259 that meets at the Freemasons Hall, Queen Street East in Sunderland, of presenting their Charity Steward, Ian Wardle, with his bronze pin to acknowledge that the lodge had already reached 33% of their Festival target on Friday 15th April.

Ian has done a fantastic job and has signed up 64% of the membership to the continuous giving scheme that is by far, the most successful in the East Area.

Dave was then joined by Geoff Lewis, the Sunderland Queen Street Hall Ambassador, in presenting Martin Telfer, Darren Broad, William Peel and Wayne Hardy with their Festival Jewels.

Due to other commitments Bob Jones and Mark Boyle couldn’t make the evening but the remaining 4 Nautilus Brethren gratefully received their jewels.  Dave gave an explanation to the brethren of the signification of the jewel and how important it was to support the festival.  He thanked the brethren for their fantastic support to date and hoped it would continue.  He also congratulated them for having over 64% of the membership on continuous giving that really is the easiest way to donate.

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