Norman Lodge No. 1334 – Gold Presentation

Norman Lodge No. 1334

Gold Presentation

Norman Lodge was in celebratory mood during their January meeting when The Assistant Provincial Grand Master, John Paul Thompson was on hand to mark the membership’s outstanding achievement of reaching their 2021 Festival Gold Award.

The evening began, in celebratory mood when Frederick Colley was once again Installed as Master of the Lodge in well attended and highly enjoyable ceremony. Subsequently, John took the opportunity to remind those assembled of the progress that the Province as a whole continues to make towards the overall 2021 Festival target. John was also delighted to present Dave Atkinson with his the 2021 Festival Supporters Medal for his commendable achievement as part of the team that completed the 3 Peaks Challenge. John then congratulated the Worshipful Master and the members of Norman Lodge on their outstanding collective achievements in attaining their 2021 Festival target.

At a Festive Board, John stood to respond to the Toast and began by again recognising Norman Lodge’s huge achievement in raising 100% of their Festival target. He formally presented the Gold Certificate to mark the £21,465 that Norman Lodge has raised to date in just two of the three years of the festival so far. In addition, John also congratulated Norman Lodge upon having 40% of their membership supporting the 2021 Festival via direct debit, with such commitment ensuring that the Lodge shall hit their platinum target before the end of the festival. John also thanked Norman Lodge for their generous additional charitable contributions made towards the 2021 Festival, Durham Benevolence and also to the Teddies Appeal on the evening.

The attending Brethren then showed their great appreciation for the commitment that the assembled Norman Lodge members, as well as those who have supported the Lodge, have shown towards the 2021 Festival. In particular, in supporting the Province as a whole in raising over £2,000,000 towards the the Provincial target as a whole.

John also reminded those present of the wide variety of ways that individuals and Lodges as a whole can continue to support the Festival and the great friendships that can result from such activities.

Upon the closure of the Festive Board many of those in attendance remained to enjoy the company and fellowship of old and new friends. Congratulations to all of the members of Norman Lodge on their charitable endeavours which shall make a huge difference to the lives of others.

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