Predict a Score – Euro 2016


Do you like football ? Are you excited for the Euro 2016 Finals

Then you need to enter of Euro 2016 predict a score competition, it’s a bit of fun over the finals to pit your wits against your friends, family and fellow Freemasons to see who can get the best score. Its only £5 per entry and you can enter as many teams as you like.


Points will be awarded for predicting the correct score and results, with bonus points for getting them both right. Final bonus points will be awarded at the end of the tournament for predicting the winner or the runner up.


Please click here to download a form.


Please send your entry form my post or email (preferred). Cheques made payable to Mr John Thompson. You can also pay by BACS (see the entry form for details)


John Thompson

90 Sandy Lane




Prize Money

£100 winner

£50 second

£25 third


Or 30% of the total entry fees, e.g the more players the bigger the prize money. All remaining money will be donated to the Durham 2021 Festival


All entries must be entered before the finals start. Good luck