Right Worshipful Brother Norman Eric Heaviside

Festival President Norman Eric Heaviside

Message from the Provincial Grand Master


To be successful, a Festival Appeal must depend very heavily on the Charity Stewards appointed by each Lodge. Their role is vital to the success of any Festival appeal.

Yes, of course, the Provincial Grand Master must lead the appeal effectively and enthusiastically; yes, he must appoint a Provincial Festival Director who is equally effective and enthusiastic and whom selects a committee to work with him who all share these characteristics; but these count for nothing unless each Lodge nominates one of its members who will galvanize his brethren into taking the Appeal to their hearts and supporting it throughout its duration.

Not only must the Lodge Charity Steward possess the right qualities required for the task, but he must know what is needed of him, how he can most easily achieve that, and who he can turn to for help and guidance. His success will materially depend on the training he receives from the earliest stages of the Appeal – if a Lodge has a successful launch under its belt, with brethren making long term and gift-aided pledges, the remainder of the Appeal can be spent in raising additional funds in the most fun-loving ways!

The Training Manual given to each Lodge Charity Steward will be the guide for Lodges to achieve a successful result in the most enjoyable fashion. I am extremely grateful to the support already shown during the years of our successful continuous giving appeal; this has given our Festival campaign a solid foundation from which we can build upon.

N E Heaviside R W Provincial Grand Master