Smarties Challenge




Would you please kindly support me the Festival Director in a novel and different way of raising funds for our 2021 Festival over the summer recess.


I  invite you to fill a Smarties Hexatube (see below) with 20p pieces from the small change they collect and to return it to the charity Steward when it’s full. It’s a fun way of raising a little extra for the Festival.

If Brethren take part each Hexatube holds £12.40 and if the brethren are UK tax payers this can be increased to £15.50 with gift aid.



May I suggest that your lodge purchase a supply (cost about 45p each) and hand out to those members of your lodge who wish to take part, maybe during the summer recess or over 2-3 months.


As you can see, it is a really simple idea and a fun concept which could raise a serious amount of money for the Festival. For example if just 10 members of a lodge took part and we have about 175 lodges in our Province, this would have the effect of raising a staggering £27,125  including gift aid.


FAO of The Charity Steward

A simple collective gift aid form can be completed by the Charity Steward or the Treasurer to account for the member’s donations to ensure the funds are credited to your lodge. I would suggest that you bank the proceeds and send one cheque made payable to “THE FREEMASONS GRAND CHARITY”

and send this with the completed form to The Freemasons’ Grand Charity, 60 Great Queen Street, London, WC2B 5AZ.  Please ensure your lodge name and number is clearly identified on the form this will ensure all monies will be allocated correctly.

Best of Luck

John Thompson

Festival Director


Click here for the form