Sponsorship needed for a Hairy Past Master !

W.Bro. Peter M. Robinson, Past Master of Eden Lodge No. 8162, Castle Eden, is currently recovering from a drastic hair cut scenario. Having been identified as a member of the community who had to go in to lock down period for the thirteen weeks due to Covid 19, unfortunately the week he was allowed to return to ‘normal life’ and to get a haircut {what a coincidence} he became seriously ill, admitted to North Tees General Hospital where he had to undergo immediate surgery to have his colon and upper stomach removed, which resulted in another six weeks of hospital care in isolation. Over the period, as you may tell from the photograph his has suffered from severe hair growth! As a result, to make a good of his endeavours to recovery it is felt that a sponsored hair and beard cut would be a positive appropriate action which would contribute to the Durham Province Charity Festival for Masonic Boys and Girls.

Please donate to this hairy mess and lets get him sorted, looking good for the road to recovery while supporting our worth while charity! Please pledge your support and sponsorship !

To donate and sponsor Peter Robinson please click here