Nathan Davidson

Role: Hall Ambassador for Stockton Masonic Hall
Lodge: Lodge of Unity 6003

Contact Number: 01642 882 367

Email Contact: 



Nathan Davidson I was educated in Whitehaven Cumbria. 1990 after leaving school with great qualifications I joined my local Regiment The 1st Battalion the Kings Own Royal Border Regiment, 4th Senior Regiment of the British Army. During my 15 years I served with the Battalion on many operations around the world.

During this time, I married Lindsay and have two great and beautiful girls Megan and Maisie. I retired early from the armed forces to be with my family.

On leaving the army in 2005 I have always worked and eventually I started to work in education this by far is one on the best and rewarding job I have ever had. During this time, 2010, I also started my Masonic career and was initiated into the Lodge of Unity 6003. In 2018 I was installed into the chair of King Solomon. In 2012 I also joined Whitwell H.R.A.Chapter 2104 and in 2016 and 2017, I became the first Principle of Whitwell Chapter in which I served for 2 years as the first Principle and I was the last ever principle of Whitwell Chapter, after 80 years the Chapter closed for the last time.

My Masonic career has help me become who I am today, by taking every office of responsibility and being the best in every job I have done. This is my philosophy, in life be your best in everything you do. And by teaching and mentoring others on the way.  Using my Masonic knowledge and army training I have lead my students into the future with a firm but humble confidence. Showing all students and teachers how to be there best and to believe in themselves. I treat all as equal and the same and enjoy seeing others thrive when at some stages of their education they did not feel this was possible.

My aspirations are to be a permanent Lodge Officer and to be a great Mentor to all Masonic members in my Lodge and to be a great Director of Ceremonies in the future.

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