Philip Nicholas Stephenson

Phil Stephenson

Role: Hall Ambassador for South Shields Masonic Hall
Lodge: Lord Barnard Lodge No. 2935
Telephone: 0191 4222781


Responsible for the following Lodges; 240, 1970, 2418, 2935, 4218, 4345, 4750, 6042 & 9694

Masonic Career:

Master of John Readhead Lodge Three times

when lodge handed in warrant joined Lord Barnard now Junior Warden

provincial honours 2014 prov AGDC until end of this month AGDC for john Watts

master of st Lawrence   mmm just about to do 3rd year

Marine Chapter Z

St Lawrence Precatory  preceptor 2014

work for south tynside council bereavement services (cemetery Supervisor)(

married to wendy   For my sins a Season ticket hold at Newcastle

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