Tribute to the Old Masonians who fell

Royal Masonic School for Boys

Royal Masonic School for Boys

Our Raby Gala Director Andrew Foster who himself if an Old Masonian made the trip to pay his own personal tribute and join the Old Masonians Association as they attended the annual remembrance service at the Girls school in November, where the President was invited to read the first lesson and at the conclusion  lays a wreath at the war memorial which holds the names of all Old Masonians who fell whilst in service. This war memorial was originally at the Royal Masonic School for Boys in Bushy and was moved to Rickmansworth when the School closed.

Andrew then attended the “Drill” demonstration which is carried out by some 200 pupils. This drill is now unique to this school and there is a link on YouTube where you can see the full drill. You need to watch this until the final movement where the Girls make a resemblance of the Square and compasses. (If any mason ever forgot which way up these symbols are displayed on the VSL this will provide a lasting reminder). The final act is for each girl to remove their poppy and place them on the floor so when they depart the S & C remain on the floor.

In this hall there are stained glass windows depicting each Province and individual lodge who helped to finance the building of the school. Andrew found and photographed the Province of Durham (see attached)

All then retired for lunch in the dining hall which is followed by the OMA committee meeting.