Weardale Freemasons – Helping the NHS Visor appeal

The Freemasons of Weardale and Stanhope were asked for help and they came up trumps in the most difficult times. 

Around early April 2020 Bro Alan Anderson of Stanhope lodge 3520 enquired if the Freemasons could help in anyway to aid in the fight against Covid-19 or help anyone affected by it. Bill Hobson took on the challenge and stated he would think about what could be done. Just a few hours later Bill saw a request from Gaz Lee, who is not a Freemason, asking for financial assistance in purchasing material to enable him to make visors which he was giving to local hospitals. After doing a few checks Bill got in touch and the Freemasons of Weardale have enabled him to purchase sufficient material to produce over 2000 of the visors, of which some have been delivered to the Stanhope Community Hospital and others have been delivered to Darlington Memorial and Durham UHND hospitals by the Freemasons of Weardale Bro Alan Anderson took it upon himself to deliver them.








Happy to receive the Visors at Stanhope Community Hospital were Jackie Hunter, Tina Marshall, Andrea Barbour, Julie Hodgson & Julie Richardson from Alan Anderson.